Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They say in Shanghai, “No money, no love.” Now, it’s no iPad, no education.

It’s probably the most avaricious city on the planet (next to New York).

But no iPad, no education? It could only happen here.

A professor at Shanghai Maritime University said his students must buy iPads during the summer vacation or he won’t teach them.

“This does not reflect the wealth of your family,” he wrote on his microblog, “it (getting an iPad) reflects your ability.”

Liang Zhenyu (梁振宇) also insisted that male students in his finance classes must wear a suit, shirt and tie.

Females, meanwhile, had to wear makeup and look crisp.

Faced with a backwash of criticism, Liang backtracked to say that he wasn’t saying iPads were mandatory, just helpful.

He even suggested it would save students money as they would not have to buy expensive calculators and recording equipment to tape his lectures.

Source: City Evening News, MSN China